Your community

It can be tricky moving to a new area with very little time to plan and research. 

We know that this is often the case for military individuals and their families - frequent moving is just part of the job. Not only does this often involve leaving friends and support networks, but schools and jobs.

Our community engagement plan

As a large organisation we have a responsibility and opportunity to leave a positive impact on people and on the environment through everything we do. Alongside the wider community we are creating a strategy to do more for the people and places around us.

More information on how we're working with residency associations to enhance community engagement and cohesion is coming soon.

Local resources

Find a GP - NHS (

Find and compare local schools

Find HIVE Centres - Army

Find HIVE Centre - RAF

Community support - Navy

You can also seek independent advice through your:

  • local service welfare organisations
  • Unit Welfare Officer
  • RAF Community Support Officer or Unit Families Officer
  • Families Federations representatives
  • HIVE

Alternatively, there are civilian organisations such as Citizens Advice Bureau, service charities or housing advice centres who can help.