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Looking after your home is what matters most. We recognise that having a safe and clean home is an important part of military life. We work alongside your National Accommodation Maintenance Services provider, Pinnacle, to make sure that when things go wrong they are fixed - it's as simple as that.

How it works.

All housing services such as Move Ins and Moves Outs, repairs and maintenance, and applying for a new home can be arranged by visiting the Pinnacle Home Hub website. Once your request has been logged you will hear from a member of the housing team in no more than 12 hours.

Routine and reactive maintenance requests will be handed over to a local Amey engineer. Once we receive a job from the Pinnacle team we will contact you to schedule a property visit. We will give you a four hour appointment slot and we aim to resolve all calls in no more than four days.

The Pinnacle team are responsible for inspecting homes and overseeing Move In and Move Out. Amey is responsible for the following services across the North and Central Regions:

  • Preparing homes for Move In
  • Home repairs and maintenance
  • Inspections to make sure your appliances are safe and running efficiently
  • Maintaining outdoor communal areas such as playparks and green spaces
  • Looking after empty homes 

To raise a job please visit Pinnacle Home Hub.

Pinnacle and Amey have robust systems in place to make sure they can keep in touch effectively and work as a team to deliver services to you. Once a job is received the Customer Contact Centre will pass the job over to the Amey regional hubs for them to schedule an appointment. Lines of communication are always open and collaboration is at the heart of how we deliver services under this contract. 



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