Amey and DIO reflect on a challenging year and look ahead to 2021

Air Commodore James Savage, DIO Head of Accommodation, and Tim Redfern, Amey's Managing Director, Defence, have been reflecting on the past year’s achievements while agreeing priorities for the coming year.  Both wish to indicate their commitment to the collaborative approach that has underpinned delivery of the Accommodation portfolio over the last 3 years.

The past year has, of course, been dominated by Covid-19.  Sadly, the pandemic has taken the lives of some of our colleagues and their family members as well as having had a significant impact on our ability to deliver a reliable and timely service.  We have had unforeseen constraints on the way business has been conducted not just in our offices but also on the front line for our industry partners.

Our ability to task and conduct maintenance work and house moves has been constrained by differing stances between the UK Government and devolved administrations, by supply chain fragility, and by occupants of Service Family Accommodation self-isolating or shielding. Following the recent raising of the alert level by the Prime Minister, that situation is again facing our teams, and it will be a difficult introduction to the new year.

But in the face of tragedy there have been triumphs.  For example, the delivery of 150 homes in Wiltshire for families repatriated from Kenya and Nepal was achieved in record time, the achievement of the staff involved from both Ameyand DIO being widely praised.  We have secured fiscal stimulus funding that will pump a further £122M of much-needed investment into improving the SFA estate; again, the programme is being delivered at pace and is broadly on track, which is testament to a great deal of hard work by the team. 

Most significantly, the rolling 12-month customer satisfaction score has risen to 69%, which is an all-time high for the National Housing Prime Contract and an achievement of which we can all be proud.  It also shows that working together is far more productive than the sometimes adversarial relationships of the past.  We were delighted that our mutual efforts were recognised by the Institute for Collaborative Working Award for Public-Private sector partnership in 2019.

There are further changes to come as we approach a new contractual landscape. The exact arrangements will not be clear until late Spring, which means uncertainty for some areas of the business, but we will continue to collaborate openly. For the coming months: 

We will provide a Safe and Compliant Estate; our priority is that occupants, staff and supply chain partners are confident that they are safe in their homes and in the workplace.

Despite restrictions resulting from the C19 pandemic we will establish controls to ensure that planned statutory and mandatory asset safety inspections, response maintenance, void preparation and project work can continue safely uninterrupted.

Where difficulties are experienced in entering properties to complete inspections, we will work together with the Chain of Command to identify suitable resolutions so that work can be completed. In this way we will strive to achieve our KPIs for Statutory and Mandatory Inspections, Response Maintenance and SFA upgrade and improvement works.

We are committed to improving customer satisfaction.

We shall continually review customer feedback in partnership and respond positively to it, reviewing and challenging our ways of working and the quality of our service delivery to further improve Customer Satisfaction. To do this:

We will allocate SFA as quickly and effectively as possible striving to meet preferences.

We will ensure that each home is safe, clean and tidy, and in a good state of repair at move-in.

We will aim to complete repairs on the first visit at the agreed appointment date/time, and in line with agreed response times.

We will commit to simplify the processing of ad hoc task order requests arising from customer feedback.

We will work collaboratively to achieve the stated void reduction target.

We shall work together to continue to reduce voids, through increased occupation by entitled and eligible personnel, handing back properties to AnningtonHomes where appropriate, and subletting agreed properties to the private sector.

We will deliver the 2020/21 and 2021/22 AWS Programmes in full.

We shall work together to actively deliver the 2020/21 AWS programme and the Fiscal Stimulus programme.

We will achieve this by efficiently developing and approving agreed scopes of work delivered through a SME supplier network and, by doing so, we will improve the lived experience and lived environment for Service families.

We are committed to the effective transition from the NGEC to the FDIS operating model for Defence Housing.

We shall work together professionally to close out the existing Housing NGEC contract to the best of our ability and actively support incoming Industry Partners as we transition to the FDIS Housing contracts. In this way we shall minimise disruption to our customers and stakeholders.


Thank you for all your efforts over the last 12 months.


James Savage
Air Commodore
Head of Accommodation
Defence Infrastructure Organisation

Tim Redfern                                                        Managing Director, Defence