How to report a problem with a street light

A damaged street light can be dangerous, especially if wiring can be seen. You should not attempt to help by covering up or touching the wires, instead please make our customer service centre advisor aware when reporting the fault.

You can report a faulty street light by contacting Amey’s Customer Service Centre using one of the following methods:

What you need to tell us

Repairs will generally be carried out during daylight hours which can make it difficult to diagnose the fault. You can help by telling us:

  • Which establishment it is in
  • The name of the road or street it is in
  • The number displayed on the street light column (this should be located approximately 2m up).
  • If you can’t see a number on the column please tell us what number house it is outside or another adjacent building or landmark

When we will attend

Engineers will attend to repair the fault within 15 working days of the issue being reported.

Street light responsibility

A small number of street lights do not fall under Amey’s responsibility and belong to the local authority. Where this is the case, we will advise that you call your local authority to report the fault.