Walkaway Scheme

We want to ensure your house move experience is as simple and stress free as possible.

What is the Walkaway Scheme?

We want to ensure your house move experience is as simple and stress free as possible. The Walkaway Scheme is a voluntary service which allows you to purchase options, which will allow you to simply walk away from the property safe in the knowledge that Move-Out standard will be covered for the products selected.

To take up Walkaway cover, please follow the link: https://iportal.ameydefenceservices.co.uk/walkaway/ 

By producing the Walkaway certificate at move-out you will avoid some of the charges (dependent on the options you choose) for your Service Family Accommodation (SFA), however, we still need you to leave it hygienically clean.

As long as you leave your property hygienically clean, you’ll walk away on move-out day avoiding charges covered by the Walkaway Scheme.

What are the benefits of the Walkaway Scheme?

  • Pay one clear, transparent fee, instead of having to wait to see if you’ve incurred any charges available through Walkaway at move-out
  • The Walkaway option is cheaper than incurring barrack charges for the options you have selected
  • Leave your SFA with no worries
  • You don’t have to spend the time getting everything to move-out standard

What do you mean by ‘hygienically clean’?

Although the Walkaway Scheme gives you reassurance that you will avoid charges for your SFA, we’ll still need you to leave it hygienically clean.

This means:

  • All surfaces, including floors, are clear of rubbish and residue
  • No rubbish is left in the house, garden or in the bins
  • All food and drink has been removed
  • All toilets have been flushed
  • All baths, showers and sinks are clear of residue

Please note: Your Accommodation Officer will advise you about your responsibilities in the Walkaway Scheme in more detail. If you don’t do what you have been asked to and, for example, leave food waste in your kitchen or rubbish in your wheelie bin, you will incur a charge over and above the Walk away scheme payment.

How do I apply for the Walkaway Scheme?

Your Accommodation Officer will let you know if you are eligible for the Walkaway Scheme at your pre-move out appointment.

To take up Walkaway cover, please follow the link: https://iportal.carillionamey.co.uk/walkaway/

Once you have opted in, you will receive details via email confirming how you can pay. At your move out appointment, you will need to present the certificate to your Accommodation Officer.

How much does the Walkaway Scheme cost?

There are various Walkaway Scheme rates depending on the size of the property and how much you want us to cover as part of your plan.

Note: Basic Cover does not include your cooker, carpets and curtains.

Basic Cover

Property type: B (2 beds) Basic cover:£150

Property type: C (3 beds) Basic cover: £165

Property type: D (4 beds) Basic cover: £215

Property type: 5 (3 beds) Basic cover: £220

Property type: 4 (4 beds) Basic cover: £250

Property type: 3 (4 beds) Basic cover: £275

Property type: 2 (4 beds) Basic cover: £350


Carpets per room (staircase, hallway and landing will be classed as one room): £25




Garden area not exceeding 25 sm: £70

Garden area over 25 sm and not exceeding 50 sm: £140

Garden area over 50 sm and not exceeding 100 sm: £245

Garden exceeding 100 sm: £325

We’ll bring your garden to required standard including grass cutting, weeding, pruning plants, hedges and trees and clearing away all rubbish and debris (this does not include fly-tipping rubbish).

Cancellation and Refunds Policy

Cancellations can be made from the time of purchase to the working day before move-out is scheduled to take place. A cancellation acknowledgement will be sent within three working days and fees refunded within five working days of confirmation of cancellation of the order, subject to this Refund Policy.

There will be no refunds issued on or following the day of Move-out.

Notice of cancellation must be made via e-mail to: walkaway@ameydefenceservices.co.uk

Where there is a request for amendments to the original order, these can be applied from day of purchase to the day of Move-out. No applications and amendments can be made post Move-out