Walkaway Scheme

We want to ensure your house move experience is as simple and stress free as possible.


WalkAway Scheme

The Walkaway Scheme is a voluntary scheme that can help minimise the effort required from you to achieve Move-Out Standard. Purchasing specific indemnities under the scheme simply allows you to “walk away” from the property, safe in the knowledge that Move-Out Standard will be covered for the options you have purchased. There are a range of options available which mean you can “walk away” from specific elements. This includes the Walkaway Go! package which is a single fee covering the main Walkaway Elements. Alternatively, if you only wish to purchase specific main elements, you can do this through the Basic Cover, Carpets and Cookers sections on the Walkaway portal.

To take up WalkAway cover, please follow the link:


By producing the WalkAway certificate at Move-Out you will avoid some of the charges, dependent on the options you choose, for your Service Family Accommodation (SFA), however we still need you to leave it hygienically clean.

The Scheme does not cover damages and repairs. Your Accommodation officer will be able to advise you of the possible charges you could incur for any damages to the property.

What do you mean by ‘hygienically clean’?

This means:

  • All surfaces, including floors, are clear of rubbish and residue
  • No rubbish is left in the house, garden or in the bins
  • All food and drink has been removed
  • All toilets have been flushed
  • All baths, showers and sinks are clear of residue

Please note: Your Accommodation Officer will advise you about your responsibilities in the WalkAway Scheme in more detail. If you don’t do what you have been asked to and, for example, leave food waste in your kitchen or rubbish in your wheelie bin, you will incur a charge.

What are the benefits of the Walkaway Scheme?

  • The opportunity to choose and build a package that suits you
  • Make safe and secure payment online
  • Receive instant confirmation and the certificate/invoice
  • Accessible service 24/7

How much does the WalkAway Scheme cost?

There are various WalkAway Scheme rates and options depending on the size of the property and how much you want us to cover as part of your package. If you are unsure of your SFA Type, please refer to your Pre Move-out Form or contact your Accommodation Officer.

Please ensure you are inputting the correct Type for your SFA. Any underpayments will result in your full Walkaway Scheme request being cancelled and refunded. Your Certificate will then become invalid and you will need to make a new request to ensure you are covered correctly for your Move-out appointment.

Walkaway “Go”

All options include Basic cover, full cooker and the total number of carpets for the property type.

  • Property type B - £220
  • Property type C - £250
  • Property type D - £300
  • Property type 5 - £350
  • Property type 4 - £445
  • Property type 3 - £515
  • Property type 2 - £585

Main Elements

Basic Cover

Covers de-scaling, all hard surfaces, such as doors, cupboards inside and out, skirting boards, window sills and wheelie bins as long as empty.

  • Property type B - £160
  • Property type C - £190
  • Property type D - £230
  • Property type 5 - £280
  • Property type 4 - £315
  • Property type 3 - £370
  • Property type 2 - £425

Note: Individual Basic Cover does not include your cooker and carpets.


£15 per room - shampoo and deodorise (this does not include insecticide cover - treatment can be obtained from any vets or pet shop. Please leave the empty containers and a receipt as evidence treatment has been carried out).


£60 - covers the full cooker including hood and filter.

Additional Elements

External Works

The Garden Element includes maintenance of all fixed garden elements i.e. hedges, borders, grass and hardstanding as provided to the occupant at MI.

  • Garden area not exceeding 25 m2: £70
  • Garden area over 25 m2 and not exceeding 50 m2: £140
  • Garden area over 50 m2 and not exceeding 100 m2: £245
  • Garden exceeding 100 m2: £325

Refuse – empty and wash out refuse bin (per bin) - £15

Drains and Gullies - clean and unblock*

Window cleaning (price depending on the type of the property)*

Single Elements

Full and Part Redecoration - 2 coats of Crown magnolia Vinyl Silk to walls and 2 coats of Crown white Matt Emulsion to ceilings. Woodwork will be glossed white with TR Full Gloss. (Room options and prices can be found on the Walkaway Portal).

Joinery and Locksmiths - Replacing/renew/repair locks, keys, doors and skirting boards.*

Soft furnishings - Removal/replacing curtains and blinds.*

Replacement parts - Replacement of cooker elements, doors, windows, sanitary, light fittings and carpets per m sq.*

*Breakdown of pricing for the single elements can be found on the Walkaway Portal.

How do I apply for the WalkAway Scheme?

Your Accommodation Officer will let you know if you are eligible for the WalkAway Scheme and elements that can be covered by WalkAway at your Pre-Move out appointment. The automated system allows you to choose the elements that you want and pay via an application.

At your Move Out appointment, you will need to present the certificate to your Accommodation Officer. To take up WalkAway cover, please follow the link:


Cancellation and Refunds Policy

Cancellations can be made from the time of purchase to the working day before move-out is scheduled to take place. A cancellation acknowledgement will be sent within 3 working days and fees refunded within 5 working days of confirmation of cancellation of order, subject to this Refund Policy.

There will be no refunds issued on or following the day of Move-out.

Notice of cancellation must be made via e-mail to: Walkaway@ameydefenceservices.co.uk

Where there is a request for amendments to the original order, these can be applied from day of purchase to the day before Move-out. No applications and amendments can be made post Move-out.