Move-out standards

Your accommodation must be prepared to certain clearly-defined standards before you move out. At your pre-move out meeting, your Accommodation Officer will explain what you need to do to make sure that your home reaches move-out standard.

Where can I find a list of the move-out standards?

The move-out standard can be found in our Move-Out Standard Checklist. It’s a good idea to print this checklist out and use it during your pre-move out appointment to ensure you are happy with your Accommodation Officer’s assessment of your property and the recommendations they make to help you bring your home up to the move-out standard before you move out. You will be asked to sign your Occupancy Form to agree these points.

A summary of the move-out standard

Bathrooms and WCs:

  • Ensure baths, sinks, WCs, floors and fluorescent lights covers are clean
  • Taps and showerheads must be thoroughly descaled
  • Shower cubicles, screens and shower curtains should be cleaned and stain free
  • Air vents and fans should be clean and all pull cords cleaned


  • Carpets must be clean, stain and infestation free
  • If you’ve have had any cats and dogs living in your Service family home, you’ll need to arrange professional cleaning, or show you have used an appropriate pesticide and/or deodorising treatment

Curtains and blinds:

  • If you have used your own curtains or blinds, they will need to be removed
  • Curtains provided with your SFA will need to be ironed, re-hung and in a clean condition


  • Walls and paintwork must be washed down and all finger marks removed
  • If you have repainted any of your walls, ceilings or any other paintwork, you must repaint them, returning the walls to silk magnolia and ceilings to matt white (see painting section 1.5 in Move-Out Standard Checklist)
  • Wallpaper, decorative borders or painted stencil work must be removed and made good and walls redecorated
  • Picture hooks (you are advised to leave only 4 picture hooks per room), nails, poster adhesive (eg, Blu-Tack) and shelving must be removed and walls made good


  • Kitchen sinks, cupboards, drawers, worktops and all surfaces should be cleaned thoroughly
  • The cooker should be degreased, cleaned and ready for immediate use by the next family
  • Wall tiles and floor tiles should be degreased, cleaned and dry
  • The fluorescent light cover must be removed, cleaned and refitted Gas and electricity meters:
  • If you have had a key/card meter installed, you must arrange for replacement with a standard meter before move-out


For families who have had pets living at their Service Family Accommodation (SFA), particularly cats and dogs:

  • Make sure there are no pet hairs or pest infestation in the SFA
  • If you have installed a cat flap this must be removed and the door panels reinstated
  • Make sure any damage to the garden is repaired correctly and any faeces removed


  • Grass must be cut and all grass cuttings removed• Flower beds/borders need to be dug over and tidy
  • Entrance areas, paths and patios should be swept clean and weed-free
  • Drainpipe wells should be clear of leaves and rubbish
  • Compost heaps and any leaf piles should be removed or dug into the garden
  • If you’ve put in a pond, it will need to be removed and the ground restored
  • Hedges and shrubs should be tidy and kept to a manageable level between September and February. In the nesting season (in the UK this is between February and August) check hedges for nesting birds. If there are none in them, you can cut the hedge• Remove any garden furniture and play equipment
  • If you’ve damaged the grass or it has died you need to re-grass or repair
  • Rubbish outside and in garages or outbuildings must be removed. Rubbish bins should be empty and clean inside and out
  • Satellite dishes may be left in place. However, if removed, any damage caused as a result of fitting must be made good. Any TV aerial boosters provided must remain in the property