Move-out appointments

When the time comes to move out of your Service Family Accommodation (SFA), we’ll need to visit you in your home for two meetings.

Your pre-move out meeting and assessment

When you get your Assignment Order, or when circumstances arise meaning you have to move out of your SFA, you will need to book your pre-move out meeting and assessment. This is mandatory, and part of your Licence to Occupy.

What happens at your pre-move out meeting?

An Accommodation Officer will meet you at your home to carry out some checks to your property, give you any advice or support you need and help you get everything in order before you move out.

They will:

  • Walk round your property and give you any advice that may help you bring your property to meet move-out standards, such as specific cleaning tasks or removing pre-paid metres, etc.
  • Advise you of any charges you may incur if your property does not meet move-out standards
  • Identify any furniture supplied by the MOD that will need to be removed from your house
  • Talk to you about the cleanliness standard that is required when you move out and explain the benefits of our Walkaway Scheme
  • Confirm your official move-out date and time
  • Conduct your pre-move out assessment (see below)Once your pre-move-out meeting has come to a close and your Accommodation Officer has completed all checks necessary, they will ask you to sign your Occupancy Form to say that you understand their recommendations to help bring your home to move-out standards.

What happens during a pre-move out assessment?

At your pre-move out meeting, your Accommodation Officer will make an assessment of your house to decide whether any work will be necessary to bring your accommodation up to the move-in standard for the next family who live there.

Your Accommodation Officer will assess the following:
  • the condition of the baths, toilets and sinks;
  • whether any kitchen units need replacing;
  • that all fans and focal point fires are operable;
  • whether any double glazing units need replacing;
  • the age and condition of the cooker; the condition of fencing, paths and patios;
  • any decorating requirements, confirming the date of the last internal decoration;
  • the condition of the electricity consumer unit;
  • the condition of all floor coverings;
  • the condition of the curtains; and
  • any work that will need to take place in the garden.

Your Accommodation Officer will also advise you of any charges you might receive as a result of this work, if damages have been caused during the time you have lived in the property.

How do I book a pre-move out meeting and assessment?

Please contact us to book your pre-move out meeting and assessment. You will need to book this in with us to happen at least 28 days before your move-out date (see our step-by-step guide to moving out for more guidance about the order in which things happen).

The pre-move out meeting will take around 45 minutes to complete.

Contact us if you have any questions about the pre-move out assessment.

Your move-out appointment

At your move-out appointment, your Accommodation Officer will formally take over responsibility of the SFA you are moving out of.
Before you book a move-out, you should have already had your pre-move out meeting and assessment (see above).

What happens at the move-out appointment?

On the day of your move-out appointment, your Accommodation Officer will meet you at your house. They will have an electronic tablet with them containing all the necessary information for your home – your house file, Occupancy Form and 14-Day Observation Report (from when you moved into the property).
Your Accommodation Officer will:
  • Check the condition of the property against the move-out standards and use the Occupancy Form to record anything that does not meet the standard required;
  • Use a repairs charge sheet to record any charges you may incur for incidences where your house does not meet move-in standards, and take photos of any areas where charges have been identified (all photos will be retained in the electronic house file);
  • Record all utility meter numbers, suppliers and meter readings on the Occupancy Form;
  • Take the oil fuel reading, if your house is fitted with oil-fired central heating supplied from an individual oil tank;
  • Record your new address – whether you are moving into other SFA or not;
  • Check that all rental furniture items have been removed from the house;
  • Take your keys and make a note of how many you have
At the end of the appointment, you will be asked to sign the Occupancy Form and the repairs charge sheet (if applicable). You will be given a printed copy of the Occupancy Form and the repairs charge sheet for your records.

How do I book a move-out appointment?

If you are moving to another SFA, you can book your pre-move out and move out appointment via the e1132. If you are moving out of SFA you will need to contact the occupancy services, detailed can be found under contact us.
The appointment will take around one hour, but may take up to 90 minutes. If your appointment is likely to take longer than an hour, your Accommodation Officer will let you know at your pre-move out appointment.

What happens if I can’t attend my move-out appointment?

If you cannot attend your move-in appointment but would like someone to attend and act on your behalf, you can nominate either another Service person or a spouse/civil partner as your proxy.
To nominate someone as your proxy, you must fill out our Notification of Proxy Form and return it to us before your move-out appointment.