Move-in appointments

Once you have accepted your new Service family home and signed your Licence to Occupy, you should next book your move-in appointment. You can book your move-in appointment online once you have accepted a Service Family Accommodation (SFA) offer. After you accept the offer, the system will prompt you to book an appointment. This appointment will take no more than 45 minutes

What happens at the move-in appointment?

On the day of your move-in appointment, your Accommodation Officer will meet you at your new home.

They will take you on a tour of the house, showing you where everything is. They will fill out an Occupancy Form to record any important information, like any faults found at move-in and the action taken to resolve them, meter readings, details of recent safety inspections and your contact details.

At the end of the move-in appointment, you will be asked to sign the Occupancy Form to say you are satisfied that your house meets move-in standard. We recommend walking round your home for the first time with our handy Move-In Standard Checklist, to help you keep track of what you have been shown and how it meets the move-in standard.

Tour of your home

Your Accommodation Officer will take you on a tour of your home. As you walk around, they will point out the locations of the:

  • hot water immersion switch and thermostat operation (if able to be adjusted by users)
  • smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • the electricity unit
  • the mains water stopcock
  • the gas emergency cut off;
  • and the gas meter key (where applicable)

They will clearly demonstrate how to:

  • operate the taps and toilet flush
  • operate the settings for your boiler, central heating programme and thermostats
  • use the cooker and cooker controls
  • safely isolate and reset electrical trip switches
  • use the emergency gas cut-off
  • open and fully close windows
  • operate the extractor fans; and
  • use the focal point fire (where installed)
They will also demonstrate that:
  • blinds (where fitted) are operational
  • the stopcock for the mains water supply closes fully and cuts off the water supply
  • medicine cabinets are lockable
  • smoke and carbon monoxide detectors (where needed) are present and working
  • radiators are working
  • the doorbell and any external lights work
  • any sheds or garage are clean and empty
  • dustbins are clean and empty
  • all keys and locks are working effectively
  • all light bulbs are fitted and working; and
  • all windows open and close as they should

Important documents

You will be provided with copies of:

  • the landlord’s gas safety inspection (form CP12) the electrical inspection
  • a Housing Folder with further information and guidance on controlling mould and condensation, the operating instructions for your boiler, heating and domestic hot water and cooker control
  • your 14-Day Observation Form (see information below)

14-Day Observation Form

If, within the first 14 days in your new home, you notice any damage done by previous occupants that was not picked up at your move-in appointment, for example: stains on carpets, chips in skirting boards, damage to kitchen units, etc., please record it using our 14-Day Observation Form. This simple form will help you avoid being faced with move-out charges for damages done by previous occupants in the property.

Please note: the 14-Day Observation Form is not for reporting things that need to be fixed – so please do not log anything that can be repaired, such as a dripping tap. Please contact us to report repairs and maintenance jobs. Your Accommodation Officer will advise you where your 14-Day Observation Form needs to be sent.

What happens if I can’t attend my move-in appointment?

As the licenced Service person, if you cannot attend the appointment in person, you can nominate another Service person or a spouse/civil partner as your proxy, to attend and act on your behalf.

To nominate someone as your proxy, you must fill out our Notification of Proxy Form and return it to us before your move-in appointment.

If you need to change your move-in appointment, please let us know as soon as possible by contacting our Occupancy Services team

Can I choose my energy supplier?

You are to contact the current gas and electricity provider and provide meter reads that you have signed for on the Move-In Form. Once you have done this you are free to transfer the supply to an energy provider of your choice. Once your initial account has been set up, you are free to switch to another provider at any point during your occupancy.

For more information please visit our Gas and Electricity Management page

What should I do with any mail that arrives at my house for the previous occupant?

When you have moved into your property, if you receive any mail that is not addressed to you, please mark it as ‘return to sender’ and put it back into the postal system. If you have moved from a previous property, please make sure to redirect all of your mail to your new address.