As part of your accommodation choices, you can opt to live in furnished, part-furnished, or unfurnished Service Family Accommodation (SFA). All accommodation comes with carpets, curtains and a cooker as standard.

Due to the COVID-19 virus and Government guidelines DAS will only action Emergency and/or Health & Safety requests until further notice. We apologise for any inconvenience caused during this time.

If you choose to live in a furnished or part-furnished home, you can request a selection of clean, well-maintained furniture, which will be delivered to your home in time for your move-in date.

Requesting furniture

If you require furniture for your home, please let us know on your SFA application form (MOD Form 1132). The furniture available to you depends on the size and type of SFA you live in, as well as your entitlement. A list of the furniture items available for your home can be found in Joint Service Publication (JSP) 464, Volume 1, Part 2, Chapter 6, Annex C. Details on how scaling works can be found in JSP 464, Volume 1, Part 1, Annex B, section II.

Requesting to add or remove furniture after your move-in date

During the time you live in your home, you may want to request to remove some or all of the furniture or order some more. This is called an ‘in occupancy request’ and is normally allowed once during the time you live in your home.

However, you may be able to make an in-occupancy request more than once if:

  • You have lived in the same property for over three years
  • You have had a new addition/s to your family
  • Your request is to support a disability or special need
  • You are about to head off on an overseas posting and your own furniture has been shipped in advance
  • If the Defence Infrastructure Organisation service manager authorises it as a result of a borderline decision or a complaint

Requesting new furniture or removing it during your occupancy may change your accommodation charges – see ‘charges for furniture’ below.

To make an in-occupancy request, please use our In-Occupancy Request Form, ensuring it is filled out in full. 

Charges for furniture

Your accommodation charges will be adjusted depending on whether you choose the fully-furnished option or the part-furnished option.

How does it work?

Each type of furniture item you can request has a points value (see JSP 464, Annex B, section II for an explanation of this). These points are added up to make a total. Depending on the type and quantity of items you choose, if the total number of points reaches 51, the property will be classed as fully-furnished, and fully-furnished charges will apply.

If the total number of points is 50 or below, the property is classed as part-furnished, and part-furnished charges will apply. A table showing the points associated with each furniture item available can be found in JSP 464, Volume 1, Part 2, Chapter 6, Annex C.

What happens if I want to change how much furniture I’ve got?

If you change your furnishing levels during your tenancy, your furniture points will be recalculated. If the points do not fall below the furnished/part-furnished/unfurnished points thresholds, there will be no change to your furniture charge.

No longer need an item of furniture?

If you no longer need an item of furniture, please let us know via email:

Damaged or missing items of furniture

When the furniture is delivered, you will be asked to sign an inventory, listing all of the furniture items you will be taking responsibility for. The furniture will also be recorded on your Occupancy Form during your move-in appointment, which you will need to sign to say that the furniture provided is satisfactory.

You are responsible for taking care of the furniture when it is in your home, and you will be charged for any missing or damaged items (beyond normal wear-and-tear) when you move out of the property. The amount you will be charged will depend on the severity of the damage, or if the item is missing; you may be charged full replacement cost of the item.

Please be aware that it is your responsibility to inform us if there is any damage to the property, including the furniture.

You can speak to our Occupancy Services team for more information.