Keeping pets

If you want to keep a pet in your Service Family Accommodation (SFA), you will need to get permission first.

Are you applying for SFA and already own a pet?

You will need to make it clear that you will be keeping pets when you apply for your home. Your request will be taken into consideration as part of the application process.

Decided to get a new pet?

We ask that you please ask permission before introducing a new pet into your Service family home – even if you already have a pet and are getting another. Contact our Occupancy Services team:

What types of animals are allowed?

You can seek permission to keep domestic animals, like dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters or other small caged animals. What type of pets aren’t allowed? You’re not permitted to keep exotic animals or farm animals in your Service family property.

Keeping chickens

If you’re thinking of keeping chickens, we’ll need to access your property to make sure it’s suitable. Contact our Occupancy Services team

Moving out of a house where you’ve had a pet?

  • Make sure there are no pet hairs or pest infestations in your house
  • Remove any cat or dog flaps you have installed and put any door panels removed back into place
  • Make sure any damage to the garden is repaired
  • Remove any faeces in the garden
  • Have any floor coverings professionally cleaned (evidence will be required)? Or have you used an appropriate cleaning treatment on the carpets?

Pet safety

If an engineer visits your home to carry out repairs or maintenance, keep your pet out of the way to ensure a safe working environment. This will ensure your pet is protected from potential injury.