Gas and Electricity Management

Gas and Electricity VOID Management

You are responsible for paying all bills while you live in your Service Family Accommodation (SFA). Below is a list of information to help you with your energy accounts:

Setting up a gas and electricity supplier

You are responsible for your energy bills from the date you/proxy signed for the keys to the property until you hand over the keys at Move-Out.

You are to contact the current gas and electricity provider, and provide meter reads that you have signed for on the Move-In Form. Once you have done this you are free to transfer the supply to an energy provider of your choice.

Identify your supplier here:

GAS United Kingdom

Electricity England, Scotland and Wales

To identify the supplier following the operator please follow

Electricity Northern Ireland

  • Northern Ireland - Northern Ireland Electricity Networks (NIE)
    03457 643 643
  • Power NI
    0345 745 5455

GAS Northern Ireland

  • Firmus Energy
    0330 024 9000

SSE Airtricity. Please send MOD-COT form to:

Once your initial account has been set up, you are free to switch to another provider at any point during your occupancy.

Closing your current energy account

It is your responsibility to inform your chosen energy supplier that you are moving. On your move out date, you will need to telephone them with your final meter readings (taken with the Amey Accommodation Officer) and provide a forwarding address for the supplier to send your final bill to.

Utility bills

If you receive any gas or electricity bills/letters relating to the period before you moved in, please pass them to:

Pre-Payment Meters at the property

You are responsible for contacting your current provider to arrange an exchange to a SMART meter before you move out of the property.

N.B. You will incur an additional charge if you leave the Pre-Payment meter in the property.

Smart Meter installation

Occupants are currently entitled to request their utility providers to install smart meters as part of their contract with their utility provider. There is a national programme to install smart meters in all applicable domestic properties.

N.B. Barrack Damage charge will not be applied for meter exchange activity.

Ministry of Defence (MOD) fuel-supplied properties

If your property falls under an MOD fuel supply, you will be billed by the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) recoveries team, not by an energy supplier.

You will be billed either by recovery voucher, or by regular deductions from pay (Budget Account scheme).

For more information about fuel recoveries, email:

Please note: the MOD may not supply all of your energy – they may only supply either your gas, or your electricity. For example, the MOD may supply your electricity, but you may need to use a public gas supply (in which case, you would need to arrange your own gas supplier and pay bills directly to them).

Fuel Subsidy Scheme

Some larger properties are eligible for Fuel Subsidy Scheme (Fuel and Light). For more information and to confirm eligibility the occupant needs to contact the Fuel Subsidy Scheme team, email: 

Single-living accommodation

If you are living in SFA as single or married unaccompanied occupant (by Virtue of Appointment), your energy bills will be paid by DIO, and you will pay single-living accommodation charges.

If you receive any energy bills or warning letters, please forward these to the following address:

The Billing Unit
Defence Infrastructure Organisation
Mail point F1
1st Floor Bldg 49
Kingston Rd
Sutton Coldfield
B75 7RL

For more information about energy bills in single-living accommodation, email:

Water queries

Water queries should be directed to: